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HAR-3026K Gas Concrete Saw with 26″ Blade Guard – Kohler Engine

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  • Totally enclosed and sealed blade shaft with continuous oil bath lubrication system
  • Quick release, auto-latching bayonet mount blade guard
  • Three position adjustable solid steel handlebars
  • Blade guard uses “ride on the blade” water tubes for superior water delivery and blade cooling
  • Dual arbor design for left or right side mounting of blade and blade guard
  • Rigid frame front pointer with high visibility guide wheel for accurate tracking
  • Ergonomic FNR traverse control for ease of operation
  • Depth of cut indicator positioned for easy access
  • Blade guard has garden hose style connector for quick disconnecting
  • 7 3VX belts from engine to blade shaft
  • Electric leadscrew for positive adjustment of cutting depth
  • Wide front wheel base increases stability and allows ramp loading/unloading
  • Easy access emergency stop control
  • Water control level allows operator to adjust rate of water flow to blade guard
  • Venier throttle control for fast or fine adjustments
  • Meets EPA Interim Tier IV requirements
  • Eaton model 6 hydrostatic transmission coupled to a MK trans-axle
  • Built-in lifting bail for easy maneuverability
  • Travel speed 0-220 FPM forward, 0-100 FPM reverse
  • Made in U.S.A.
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