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Higgins Veneer and Corner Cutting Jig with Riser

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  • Setup for cutting is a simple two step process that involves no tools of any kind.
  • The jig makes cutting veneers not just fast and accurate but far safer than traditional veneer cutting methods. Fatigue is reduced since no foot pedal pressure or saw head height adjustments are required when cutting with the Higgins Jig. Both of the operator’s hands are clearly visible and safely guarded from the blade at all times by our hand-hold guards.There is no switching of hands between pushing the cutting table and controlling the saw head height.
  • The Higgins Jig can also be used to cut veneer corners in river rock and other irregularly shaped materials.
  • The Higgins Jig with the riser attachment is also an exceptionally safe and productive way to cut 2 x 8 flat veneers, paver tiles, and paver splits.
  • Increases production output and profitability
  • Eliminates the need for changing the cutting head height during cuts
  • Increases operator safety
  • Ergonomic design prevents operator fatigue
  • Eliminates the need to clean out any residual material inside the corner veneer
  • Setup for cutting is a simple two step process that involves no tools of any kind
  • Can be used as a rip guide for cutting any masonry material from bricks to stone to concrete blocks.
  • Extends blade life
  • Ensures constant dimensions on every cut
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